Practical Revelation

An exploration of how the book of Revelation can inform our discipleship today

Course Introduction

Revelation is one of those biblical books we can be tempted to avoid. It has a something of a reputation for being misused, abused and misconstrued. Its odd and even disturbing imagery can make it a perplexing read. But this pastoral letter, written by an elder sage to a diverse group of committed yet messy, tired and confused churches can offer us comfort and instruction about how to live hopefully and faithfully as God’s people today, however challenging a time and place we might find ourselves in.

In this short course, we will explore some key sections of Revelation and consider how they can enhance our worship, inform our mission and resource our pastoral care.

Session Plan

  • Session 1: Engaging Revelation – a quick overview of how to approach this peculiar text.
  • Session 2: Revelation as Worship Liturgy
  • Session 3: Revelation as Pastoral Handbook
  • Session 4: Revelation as Mission Manifesto

Please note: this course does not offer a systematic overview of the whole book of Revelation. That is covered in our three year Introduction to Theology course. This course focuses on three themes arising from careful study of the book, and the implications for Christian discipleship.

Course Structure

After our initial week introducing the text, our approach will involve a blend of teaching input, group exercises & discussions, and prayerful responses. All with the aim of letting Revelation stimulate our minds, engage our hearts, speak to our souls and direct our strength.

Course Details

Course Duration:4 sessions
Course Dates:31 October - 28 November [no session 07 Nov]
Time19:30-21:00 GMT
Location:Online, Zoom
Cost:£59.50, including resources and access to interactive participant-only website

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Course Tutors

Michael works for the Methodist Church helping promote and support the development of Biblical Literacy. He is passionate about enabling people read the Bible with greater confidence and expectancy, and has spent the last year helping the Methodist church in the UK grapple with the book of Revelation. Michael is part of KST’s Theology and Biblical Studies team and has taught on a variety of modules – including Genesis, Revelation, Romans, Wisdom Literature, and The Work of Jesus. He holds an MA in Theology from WTC. Based in Derby, he is married to Naomi and worships as part of The Source.


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