KST Short Course Terms and Conditions

1.1. When participants register for a course they are signing up to the full advertised number of weeks. No discount is available if participants are only able to make part of the course.
1.2. Payment is due upfront and courses cannot be commenced until payment has been received.

2.1. A 20% discount on course fees is available to those in receipt of universal credit, disability living allowance or who are full time students. Please get in touch to discuss this – shortcourses@kingstheology.org
2.2. Where other discounts are available, these will be listed on the course booking page, with the relevant terms and conditions. 
2.3. A group discount is available on some courses. Group booking discounts are only applicable to courses that are advertised on the KST website as “Group Discount Available”. All names of those in the group must be provided at time of booking.
2.4. We reserve the right to alter the terms of discounts offered.

3.1. At point of writing no discount is available for booking multiple modules.

4.1. For a 100% tuition refund participants must contact the course administrator on shortcourses@kingstheology.org 14 days or more before the course begins. The following refunds are available when less than 2 weeks notice is given:   
4.1.1. 2-7 days: 50% refund
4.1.2. 8-13 days: 75% refund   
4.2. Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the course starts cannot be refunded. No refunds can be given once the course has started.

5.1. For the majority of short courses there are no formal entry requirements and participants will not be assessed before starting the course. However, to get the best out of the time together, we recommend that non-English speakers have English speaking and reading ability of IELTS level 6.5 or above (or equivalent).
5.2. Some courses suggest the completion of other KST modules/equivalent before starting. Any such entry requirements are noted on the relevant course pages of kingstheology.org.

6.1. KST short courses which take place via Zoom are interactive, so students are required to have a stable internet connection, webcam and microphone.
6.2. Recordings will be made available to group participants after the course finishes, and are for personal use only. They should not be shared or distributed.
6.3 Students are expected to attend all sessions and (note:) complete up to one hour per week of activities (on top of course attendance), as set by the tutor.   
6.3.1 The exception to this is Biblical languages which will require up to 3 hours (30 minutes per day) additional study per week.
6.4. No written assignments will be issued at the end of the course.
6.5. These courses are non-accredited and no certificates will be issued upon completion.

King’s School of Theology seeks to be an institution free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. In signing up to this course you agree to align with the following:
7.1. Behaviour   
7.1.1. Students should behave in a reasonable and responsible manner with consideration for other members of the KST community. They should refrain from any conduct likely to disrupt the academic, administrative or domestic functions of the programme.
7.2. Harassment
7.2.1. Harassment is an unacceptable form of behaviour. KST is committed to protecting members, staff, tutors, mentors and any other person for whom we have special responsibility from any form of harassment which might inhibit them from their work or studies.
7.3. Harassment may be broadly understood to consist of unwarranted behaviour towards another person, so as to disrupt the work or reduce quality of life of that person, by such successive acts of bullying, verbally or physically abusing, creating or maintaining a hostile or offensive studying, working, or social environment for him or her. Harassment relating to another’s sex or race are among forms of harassment covered by this code.
7.4. If a participant is deemed unreasonably disruptive or unable to abide by these guidelines by the course tutor or moderator, a verbal warning will be given, and if behaviour does not change they will be exited from the zoom room.

Most payment will be taken through our website. However if you make a direct payment to our bank account, please use the code for your course, including the course attendee’s surname. Examples:

SC23NTG1-surnameNew Testament Greek 1 (Sept-Nov 2023)
SC23EC-surnameEntrepreneurial Church: Creative ways to sustainably grow your church’s impact
SC23EB3-surnameExploring the Bible: lenses to help you see Scripture more clearly
SC23PR-surnamePractical Revelation: an expiration of how the book of Revelation can inform our discipleship today
SC23HU-surnameWhat Does it Mean to be Human? A theological exploration in reference to disability, eating disorders, and artificial intelligence
SC23BR-surnameThe Book of Ruth

For further information please contact us on shortcourses@kingstheology.org

Last updated 10/10/2023