How much does it cost?

From £999 p.a. (£83.25 per month)*

KST is supported by organisations, churches and individuals, enabling us to offer our courses at a cost that is accessible for as many people as possible. Consequently, we offer the same course at 3 price points:

(All rates can be paid by monthly standing order, at no extra charge)

Subsidised Rate:
(available to all) 
£999 p.a.available to all,
made possible by our generous supporters
Standard Rate:£1380 p.a.selected by those who feel willing to pay
cost price for the course, leaving more subsidy for others
Premium Rate:£1800 p.a.selected by those who wish to support other students
by paying their subsidy; INCLUDES one free KST short course

How does it work?

King’s School of Theology runs over 3 years, and to complete the course you will need to study all 21 modules over those 3 years.  The teaching is delivered in a series of 5 weekend teaching blocks per year.

Weekend Structure

In September 2021 KST moved to a HYBRID structure of online and in-person learning. September and April weekends take place in person, and will be simultaneously available to access online. November, January and June modules take place online. 

For in-person weekends, accommodation is not included and students make their own arrangements. A selection of affordable accommodation options are available in the local areas.

Extended Spring Weekend

Each spring there is an extended in-person teaching block of an evening plus four days (e.g. Friday evening to Tuesday afternoon), when two separate modules are covered. This usually takes place in Derby.

Annual Structure

Students in the first year of KST follow the same curriculum, with occasional seminars dedicated to their chosen Track. In years 2-3 the curriculum diversifies and students engage in modules specific to their Track. Certain Track modules include learning ‘on location’ for a more immersive learning environment.


KST runs a group mentoring programme alongside the teaching weekends. The purpose of mentoring groups is to further develop your thinking through the things that you have been learning and help you to turn the theory into practice by applying the teaching in your work, church, community, or mission project.

Virtual Learning Platform

KST students also have the support of a highly interactive virtual learning community where you can discuss topics with fellow students, share resources & access the teaching staff.

We believe that we learn best when we learn with others: having our assumptions challenged, our thinking shaped, and our faith sharpened. This means we are committed to finding ways to support students to be part of a community that is learning together.

What are the dates?

The dates for 2022/2023 are:

  • 29 September-01 October 2023 – Ripon College, Cuddesden, Oxford & online
  • 24-26 November 2023 – online
  • 26-28 January 2024 – online
  • 05-09 April 2024 – Reach Centre, Derby & online
  • 21-23 June 2024 – online


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*The subsidy is guaranteed for the period of study. The fees will increase in line with cost of living rises.