Entrepreneurial Church

Creative ways to sustainably grow your church’s impact

This 4-week course will consider ways churches can fund social action and other ministries sustainably, whilst staying true to the priorities of Christ’s kingdom. It will explore the intersection between enterprise, faith, and social impact, and how to navigate the opportunities and challenges this presents for churches.


Course Introduction

Many churches in the UK are looking for creative ways to make a difference in their communities in the midst of a financially challenging environment. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, churches want to do more to help people who are experiencing disadvantage or hardship. Secondly, they have a reserve of skills and resources that could be stewarded more effectively for the kingdom. Thirdly, they recognise that peoples giving habits are changing and that diversifying income streams offers a more sustainable model to fund ministry into the future.

As well as great opportunities however, there are also significant challenges and risks for churches running enterprises or receiving funding. For example, how do churches ensure common vision and values are held across all parts of the organisation? How are resources prioritised when there are competing demands? How do churches avoid “mission drift” from their primary calling to “seek first the Kingdom”.

This 4-week course is aimed at church members or leaders who want to start, grow or realign a church-based social project or enterprise.

This Course will run again in the future!

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Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Surveyed a biblical foundation for “entrepreneurial church”.
  • Explored different sources of income for your church’s ministries.
  • Considered governance structures and various funding options.
  • Anticipated tensions and explored strategies to navigate them.
  • Identified the leadership skills and traits needed for success.
  • Thought through the next steps to grow your church’s impact.

Course Details

Course Duration:4 weeks
Course Dates:25 September - 23 October 2023
Time19:30-21:00 BST
Cost:£80.00 | Early-bird group discounts available before 21 July 2023

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Course Tutors

Karina has been involved in church and social venture leadership for almost 30 years. A faith-centred social innovator, she has incubated several social enterprises and innovative projects to help people on the margins. In 2005 she founded the refugee charity Upbeat Communities and created the Welcome Boxes project. This led to the launch of Welcome Churches, a national charity enabling churches to welcome refugees, in 2015. In 2020 she was invited to help reimagine her own church’s social business, enabling it to create significant income and social impact whilst keeping faith at the centre. In 2022 Karina completed her Masters in Social Innovation from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge with research focused on “Entrepreneurial Church”.


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"I found it really great being part of a supportive group, the times we’ve chatted with people, the worship times have been great, in addition to the excellent teaching and mentoring."

John, Manchester