Is KST only for leaders-in-training?

Whilst KST is ideal theological training for those who are participating in pastoral leadership, we also look to train all people for influence in a broader sense – leaders in mission, leaders in the marketplace, leaders in the community, as well as leaders in the church. We expect these leaders to be receiving on-going practical training in their home contexts, which this course supplements and supports.

Is it an academic course?

It is rigorous but it’s not just for academics. The learning will be appropriate to the needs of the students, and we work hard to support less academic students. For more information see our KST ethos.

How do I know if I am the right level for the course?

For many, KST will be the first formal theological training they have undertaken, however we expect students to have a certain base level understanding and level of experience. For example, we expect students to have an understanding of the nature of Christian leadership, some experience of leading in a range of situations, and a broad understanding of the Bible.

Previous experience of research and writing essays (A-level standard) will be useful but not obligatory.

What is the commitment?

For this course to be worthwhile and for you to graduate feeling equipped theologically, KST requires a substantial commitment. Students are expected to (a) attend all teaching events; (b) participate in mentoring; (c) undertake assignments; and (d) participate actively in the online discussions and forums. We expect this to take around one evening per week (or equivalent).

What if cannot make one of the weekends?

The teaching weekends and self-study are supported by an online learning community and resources are made available to ensure that students can catch-up any missed sessions. It is an expectation of the students that they make up for any teaching blocks missed in their own time. Teaching weekends and local mentoring groups should only be missed in exceptional circumstances.

How much does it cost?

We try to keep the costs to a minimum, making the course as accessible as possible to any students wishing to attend. See the practical details section of our website.

What if I cannot afford the course fees?

KST is already subsidised by individuals and churches who partner with us. KST also has a bursary scheme. This means there will be limited grants available to those who struggle to meet the course fees. Please note these amounts are unlikely to cover all of your costs for the year, so we advise careful financial planning.

Additionally we encourage local churches to help students with course costs, as part of their training partnership with you. This is a matter for you to agree with your home church personally.

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