Who is God and who am I? Why I chose Bible College

2 Mar 2024

Rachel Scott studied at KBCTC in 2006 – 2007.  She has since moved to Derby, got married in 2012 and had 2 children.  She currently works for Richmond Villages as an Activity Co-ordinator.  Here she looks back at her time at KBCTC and the impact her experience there has had on her life.

One of the main issues of our generation is identity.  Everyone is trying to work out who they are and what is most important to them.  Without realising at the time, I think I was searching for the answers to 2 questions – who is God and who am I? 

What I learnt at KBCTC was a greater depth of knowledge about who God is, and then in the subsequent years, I’ve learnt who I am in the context of Him. 

I have a greater inner strength when facing difficult situations now because it is always in light of who God is and how much He loves me.  I am loved by a great big God.  And because of that, I can say I am first and foremost a Worshipper of God.  This gives such grounding when difficulties come, and they do regularly! I used to be someone who was quite lonely, even when I had people around me, but I don’t feel alone now.  There is always someone with me and they love me and want the best for me. 

I also learnt about having a bigger perspective on life.  I think we can all have such a small perspective on our own problems and can make such dramas over small issues.  To constantly be reminded of the bigger picture, that life is bigger than my few years on earth, that my life fits into a bigger context, helps to not worry and helps me to believe that my problems can be used for a higher and more intricate purpose. 

Studying theology might sound stuffy and boring, but actually studying God and how He features in every area of your life is so life affirming and uplifting, so comforting and hopeful.  He really is wonderful and worth giving so much time to get to know.  The year I spent at Bible College has affected all the subsequent years and I’m sure will affect me for the rest of my life.

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