“Thinking critically about what I believe”

28 Feb 2024

Here, KST Alumnus, Claire, explains why she decided to study theology and what it gave her. Claire studied at KST between 2018-2021. She lives in Dubai.

“I am an English tutor, women’s ministry leader, speaker and prison ministry volunteer. I live in Dubai, UAE with my husband. We have been here for 11 years. I graduated from KST in 2021.

Studying theology with KST has given me more confidence to step into areas of ministry I would previously not have felt equipped for. For example, I now give teaching talks within our church’s women’s ministry.

KST introduced me to valuable resources, tools for unpacking scripture, and ways of thinking that have blessed and still bless not only me, but others who I’m in community with.

I believe that without studying theology, we have a faith that is unexamined, and possibly not well-grounded.

Whilst it’s really challenging (and sometimes extremely unsettling!) to choose to open ourselves up to thinking critically about what we believe, without doing so, how can we know what we TRULY believe?! And how can we assess whether we have a ‘healthy theology’?

Theology gives us a chance to be stretched as believers, to grow, be brought closer to God. For me, studying theology wasn’t just an academic exercise, but a ‘heart journey’ too. I learned more of who God is (and became more at peace with all that is unknowable about Him!). I learned who I am in Christ, what it means to be in church community, what mission really looks like, and what this ‘faith walk’ is and isn’t.

I’m still a work in progress! But God used that three-year time period to both solidify and initiate many things in my spiritual journey, and in my relationships with others. It was invaluable”.

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