It helped me go beyond Sunday faith

31 Jan 2024

Anna Deane graduated from KST in 2020. Here she tells us what she appreciated about KST, and where her studies have led her since.

“KST played a huge role in building my theological knowledge and helping me to explore and develop a firmer understanding of the biblical framework for my life. It was also a wonderfully uplifting, community-minded and theologically deep experience which helped me go beyond Sunday faith.

I could access it financially alongside my husband and it has flexibility which meant having 2 children in the time I took to graduate wasn’t a problem!

I appreciated the way we were encouraged to dig deeper into our initial beliefs, gain theological depth and become clearer on our stand point even if it was the same as before studying. It helped take the knowledge and create a more deeply embedded set of beliefs which have more biblical depth.

It gave me tools to become a regular preacher and to run a selection of outreach opportunities.

Since finishing KST I have gone on to work as a church children’s and families’ worker with a preaching role. I also have used the study skills to start a Master’s in special needs and inclusion in education.

It can be really easy to go to church on a Sunday, hear a good preach and then repeat it. But studying theology allows us to gain a personal and deep understanding of the bible which in turn helps with discernment (alongside the Holy Spirit). This seeps into every area of day-to-day life”.

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