The impact of Bible college, 39 years later…

2 Jan 2024

Pete Cripps was part of the second ever cohort of KBC students. Here he tells the story of why he went to Bible College, and what it gave him…

Pete Cripps, c 1983

“I went to King’s Bible College in 1984-85, a year of adventure in the idyllic setting of Langley, BC (near Vancouver). I had been travelling as a rugby coach, taking jobs across the USA and UK. Back at home in Witney, Oxfordshire, I was at a low point following the breakup of a relationship, and when a friend suggested I joined him for a year of bible college, I spat out my beer. What a preposterous idea.

But off I went. This was the time of outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a rediscovery of the Spirit’s gifting to the church. Lectures were regularly interrupted by devotions going on, sometimes for hours. The presence of God was palpable; it was an incredible time. This wasn’t always ‘nice’ – I got confronted by God too, and was challenged to change! I was growing so fast I was breathless, I couldn’t make sense of it some days. But there was great grace, from God and from the community. Spending time in God’s presence like that was the best and hardest thing I could have done.

My time there deeply shaped me, and the experience has lived with me ever since.

Bible college wasn’t just about theological study (though that was a big part of it). I also learned wisdom – wise ways to minister and be ministered to in the Holy Spirit. And it gave me people skills and the ability to work with people who were different to me, something I’ve continued to use ever since. I’ve run a weekly men’s discipleship group for over 20 years, and we’ve seen people come, grow and go on to many things. Identity in Christ is a major focus, and the Holy Spirit works powerfully amongst us. KBC laid the foundations of that identity for me, and my ability to minister supernaturally to others.

I was so hungry for God. At the end of the year I got the award for the student who asked the most questions. I’m not sure it was a compliment! But studying theology has given me a lifetime thirst for more, for going deeper with God”.

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