Stretching my brain in lockdown

15 Feb 2024

Mary graduated from 3 years of study with KST in 2023. We asked her to reflect on what had led her to study, and what she valued about her time on the course.

I am a retired university lecturer (at the University of Plymouth; I taught midwifery). I am also an artist, and I did a fine art degree after I retired. I live in Devon.

During lockdown I was getting quite bored and wanted to do something which would stretch my brain. A friend had done KST and highly recommended it. I’ve been a Christian a long time and have occasionally dipped into shorter theology courses before. The online element of the course appealed to me.

I think KST is excellent value for money. It is not as expensive as many other courses, but provides a high standard of teaching, assessment and student support.

KST not only provides sound academic input but encourages and promotes critical thinking, reflection, discussion and interaction with the course material, with other students and with the lecturers. It has impacted my involvement in church life. I have been more confident to ‘flag’ various observations and issues with my church leaders. I feel I now have the skills to raise these discussions, and have hopefully been involved in effecting some positive changes.

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