“Now I know how little I know”

8 Mar 2024

Farayi tells his story, of why studying theology was important to him

“I am a manager within the NHS and I live in Southampton. I completed KST in 2018.

KST completely overhauled my theology and understanding of what it means to be a child of God. Prior to KST I thought I was sound, but studying made me aware that I was completely clueless about the outworking of the gospel. I still am, but now I know how little I know. This awareness is humbling and yet so helpful. The gospel is now influencing more areas in my life than it could ever have done before KST.

At work I have become more compassionate in my leadership and others around me noticed and nominated me for an award in the Trust for compassionate leadership.

At home, I think I have become a better husband and father.

In the church, I have become content to serve in any way that I can. In my current church I am serving in the car park and I see it as God’s work.

Overall, everything that I am and do, I now see it as part of my worship”.

Why do you think Christians should study theology?

Every Christian is already a ‘theologian’. But studying theology gave me tools for my study. I was carrying a lot of assumptions into my study of the Bible. I am more aware of them now, and studying helped me to see what I was bringing to the text.

Plus it was a chance to think deeply about my faith. In an amazingly simple way, what I already knew, I now know more profoundly.

I think that every Christian who can should study at KST!”

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