KST is overseen by people who are keen to ensure academic quality and business continuity.

Alastair Cutteridge

Al has been Assistant Pastor at LifeChurch Manchester since 2016. He is married to Mel and they have 5 amazing children. Alastair loves all sport (except those that include horses). He studied at KST and knows he wouldn’t be where he is now without it!

Ellie Hart

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Lizzie Hollow

Lizzie is the longest serving member of KST staff, and has undertaken pretty much every role in KST! Now Vice Principal she brings all of her skill and experience to ensure KST stays true to its values and purpose.

Mark Nash

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Mark Norridge

As KST Principal, Mark reports to the Exec on all KST matters! With experience in theology, church and business, Mark brings those skills together to guide KST, and is a permanent member of the Executive Team.

Phil Norris

Phil is a long-standing member of the KST Executive Team. He is Team Leader of Basingstoke Community Churches and leads the Forge group of Churches. Phil holds a Masters in Biblical Studies from Regent College, Vancouver. He is passionate about ‘the Big Story’ and narrative approach to scripture.

Mark Mumford

Mark Mumford was based in the city of Derby, UK for over 30 years, leading an area church called East Midlands Christian Fellowships. The church developed and grew from small beginnings to a church that is based in several locations around the East Midlands, including 3 cities. The main hub church in Derby became a multi-cultural church, working with many different types of people, including refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East. Mark also lead a team that oversees a number of other churches around the UK. His leadership and pastoral experience has extended over 4 decades. He has a passion for the church to become more influential and for it to demonstrate good news and hope to a divided and troubled world. Now retired, he lives in Worcester.

Michael Wadsworth

Michael works for the Methodist Church helping promote and support the development of Biblical Literacy. He is passionate about enabling people read the Bible with greater confidence and expectancy and has a particular soft spot for Paul who he thinks sometimes gets an unfairly bad rap. Based in Derby, he worships as part of The Source. In his spare time he enjoys good food, good drink and good board games with friends, supports LFC and blogs at www.theologicallychallenged.co.uk.

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